Fluffy Bear

Hello hello! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog! My previous post was written months ago and I forgot to post it. As I was cleaning up my craft desk after some serious Christmas card making sessions, I found some pictures that I had printed a while back. I looked through them and found this super cute picture of my pupper, Fluffy Bear! I decided to turn it into a scrapbook page and wanted to enter the Year in Review Challenge 2019 before it ends! Click here to check out the fun challenge!

Previously I entered Sketch Challenge #15 and #16. For today I’m sharing a scrapbook page I made using Challenge #14!

This was my record breaking time of making this page. From start to finish, took me probably around 5 hours. Which I’m proud of! Cause usually it take me a few hours to before I’m done choosing the stamp set(s) and pattern papers.

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! If you think Fluffy is cute, give this post a star!!

Stay awesome! I hope to make another scrapbook page before the end of the year!

Love, Flo

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